Q: How can we join the SFM team?

If you believe you have a specific talent or experience which will be of use to us, you can send in your details at australia@supportfreemedia.com, pakistan@supportfreemedia.com or us@supportfreemedia.com

Q: Does SFM aim to support the film industry only? Or does it have plans to stimulate other media outlets like TV and radio too?

Support Free Media has not limited its resources for the film industry only but as films cater to a larger audience we aim to focus on them first. Eventually, we will turn to other media outlets and will work to uplift their standards as well.

Q: How does SFM plan to raise the technical standards of our industry?

As part of our Tech Ex project, we will be sending individuals chosen from the showbiz industry to New York Film Academy and Media Asylum in Singapore to learn the international standard technicalities of film making.

Q: Does SFM provide a platform for aspiring actors, directors or writers?

All aspiring writers, directors and actors are welcome. We invite all of you to join the team, send in your distinct work. If your work is credible and at par with our chosen standards, we will help you achieve excellence and will eventually exhibit your work for everyone to see.

Q: Can we fund a specific project?

Yes, if you want, you can fund a specific project. We have two projects namely Never Forget and TechEx.

Q: How will we use your donation?

We will use your donations for our two projects. Never Forget and TechEx. Your donations will help us send more media professionals for workshops on various film-making aspects and technical advancement.

Q: How can we donate?

Donations to Support Free Media can be made through the website using PayPal or they can directly be deposited into our bank account in Pakistan, details of which are provided on the website.

Q: How do you mean to connect the intellectuals to the media?

Our Never Forget project is the key to it. We will groom media professionals by sending them for self strategic grooming workshops.

Q: Why are films important?

A film is a number one media outlet to reach the global world. It is important we help uplift the standards of our film industry so that it can be used as a medium to represent Pakistan worldwide.

Q: How can we be certain our donations for SFM go in the right hands?

There will be a transparency to all we do. You’ll know exactly where we will spend your money and will eventually see the result of it on the screen.

Q: What do we do?

We are a non-profit organization formed to boost the deteriorating standards of our film industry by connecting it with our ideological roots, providing thought-provoking entertainment by bringing in intellectuals to the film industry and by helping showbiz individuals receive international level technical training.

Q: Why do we do it?

We at Support Free Media believe that living in the current media driven world, no one can escape the influence of films. Thus by enriching our industry enough to raise it to the international level, we can get our true culture and our voice across.

Q: How can you contribute?

You can contribute through your donations which will be used to send media professionals for workshops which will give them access to the greatest resources available for film making. You can also volunteer for the cause and participate in events and activities.

Q: What difference does SFM make?

With your contributions, Support Free Media strives to make a technical and intellectual difference in Pakistani film industry which in turn will have an impact on the way our society and culture is projected and consumed by masses.

Q: How do we measure the difference?

The difference and progress is measured through scientific and internationally proven methods of research, big data and business intelligence. At any point in time we know exactly what is the impact and influence on the content and revenues of Pakistani movies and we can demonstrate that to selected audiences as and when required.